Friday, 30 April 2010

Hello Steady Customer

The rewards can be great when you make time to visit Beatnik.
You may find your best flowery dress for the summer.

You may find a snazzy stripy blazer that you look
pretty damn cool in.

You may find that golfing beret that you've been searching the
whole of Southampton for.

You may look pretty in pink

You may find your future best pair of jeans

Or you may just be wearing a fine and dandy hat of your own.

Thank you and come again.

Monday, 26 April 2010


This is the shop.......

We are very lucky that our shop just happens to have the best position in the whole
of Southampton. We sit between two parks and at this time of year
it becomes a
sea of green

This is the view of the park

A view of the shop from the park if I was lazing in
the springtime sunshine

This is the view of the shop if it had travelled back in time to the 60s
I love this photo effect

Chestnut trees glistening green

Trippy Tulips

Friday, 23 April 2010

Handbag Hysteria

We have lots of lovely handbags for sale at
Here is a selection......

An exquisite beaded purse

Love the navy and red detail on this neat little fellow

silvery sparkly sixties

A beautiful sequined clutch we have had for years, pourquoi?

A collecters item no less 'Louis Feraud'... tres classy

Wow this is one of our best handbags in Beatnik

A handbag with a gold chain strap is a winner

Classy clasp

smart navy and white number

Get a load of the handles on this baby

Oooh red and shiney

Sunday, 18 April 2010


CD Of The Week... 'The Colourfield' 'Virgins and Philistines'
Best track 'pushing up the daisies'
I cannot sit still to this song it demands that you strut your stuff in a mad 60's come 80's stylee
I think i like The Colourfield more Than The Specials is that wrong?

2nd place cd of the week
Joanna Newsom
Have One On Me

Best track 'Good Intentions Paving Co', makes me want to get my tambourine out.

3rd place comp of the week
by Andy Spaceland
My friend Andy makes the best cd comps full of the weird and wonderful. A song that caught my attention is by Jacques Bodin 'Menage Enchante' it has a young french boy singing
The Magic Roundabout. Its creepy man.
Andy is in one of my favourite bands

This is growing on me in fact it has grown. They sound a bit like Gorkys with a dash of 60's and a smidgen of super furrys. The track 'cake' makes me chuckle.

Euros Childs
This is such a lovely cd. Euros rules.

Thursday, 15 April 2010

April 15 2010

Shell guitar brooch or is it a lute, we've had it in the cabinet for ages
how come?

little lucy locket

Beatnik Musings

One of my jobs today was to price and put out jewellery, well one of the many jobs to do. Sas, friend and fellow beatnik has found so
many fabby pieces over the weekend, wow, such beauties.
They sometimes get hidden in our far too small jewellery cabinet so I thought i'd show a few
pieces off... they deserve it...

Nellie the necklace

rainbow pear brooch

pretty rose brooch