Thursday, 11 August 2011

Girls On Film

Exciting things have been happening at Beatnik.  A television film crew dropped by to film some stuff for a certain reality tv show that we are not allowed to mention just yet ( it's about eating).... I know, not really that much relevance to vintage clothing, but what the hell, we'll take any publicity that we can lay our hands on.

Star of the show ( nice bag ) 

The photos I took were not that exciting.  Just cameras and fluffy microphones. Wish I could say more, but mums the word for now.

Exciting happening numero 2

Sometimes a lovely little find happens

Some Biba playing cards 

And a lovely beaded purse.

Exciting-ish happening numero 3

I entered a photo competition with this view I took on the way into the shop.

I didn't win

I entered this one too ( a detail from the church opposite my house)

I didn't win with that either

Never mind.  Life can't be exciting all the time, that would just become, well, a bit boring really.