Sunday, 25 December 2011


   I am in sunny California for Christmas. Before I left drizzly England I took some photos of Beatniks' Christmas window,and some snaps out and about walking round my 'hood ( sorry, the local lingo is catching on )

The last leaf left

Katy waiting

As the crow flies

Wishing you a wonderful Christmas

and a




Sunday, 4 December 2011

Air of December

December.  Already.  The shop is busy.  Although the air is still mild we have been selling lots of woolly jumpers and fur coats and jackets ( fake fur of course ).  We also have a fine selection of jewellery.  I'll show you a very small glimpse... ( a small glimpse mainly because I haven't got around to taking many photos).

That would probably be a nice photo if goldie the dog brooch didn't have a price tag sticking out of its arse (how did I not see that?)

Perfect gifts!

When I was closing up the shop earlier I caught sight of the darkening sky, and the trees opposite looking all of a sudden bare leaved and beautiful.  I had to take a snap....

A perfect view.