Saturday, 29 May 2010

Love is like a butterfly

Love is like a butterfly soft and gentle as a sigh it's multi coloured moods of love are like its satin wings. Thanks for that, Dolly. I wanted to think of a butterfly related song to introduce all the beautiful butterfly brooches we have right now in Beatnik, and that was the only one, lame I know, (although I do love Dolly and I love that song) I could come up with. In fact if anyone can think of another butterfly song I will send you a brooch, leave me a comment... My first giveaway....

The background I choose for the brooches was this gorgeous dress that Beatnik

has put on the rail year after year after year. It is a beauty and I'm kind of glad it hasn't sold because I think I would feel a little bit sad. Dress by Kati.

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Daisy Glaze

I spent an industrious and rewarding afternoon at son Benjys school helping at, well, more than a tea party, not quite a festival, perhaps a mini-tea-festival. The sky wasn't blue but the air was warm and still. The festival marquee was set up and so were the tables laden with cakes, scones, cream, jam, lemonade and lashings of ginger beer (almost). The blankets were laid upon the grass and hay bales invitingly strewn around. Parents and children arrived, ate, played, chatted, crafted, lazed, and whiled away an enjoyable few hours.

Cream teas were the order of the day

and some sunny tunes

Katina found time to do some needle felting

The younger children love to play in the maze

Class 8 raised over £400 towards their school trip

Monday, 17 May 2010

Slanted and Enchanted

I have just been to my first (and possibly last) festival of the season, It was at Butlins which is not your usual place to have a music festival but I have to admit it was quite nice to have a chalet to camp in....

Between bands you could soak up some rays

there were beautiful butterflys, and lots

and lots,

in fact

a prolification



The indie uniform of the moment (we've got some great ones at Beatnik)

but I saw some spots as well

and a rather racy pair of red shoes

It was lovely to be at a festival by a beach

Oh i do like to be beside the seaside....

Monday, 10 May 2010

To be perfectly Anne Frank....

For the last two weeks I have been immersed in theatrical pursuits, namely sorting
out all the costumes for my son Benjys' class play, 'The diary of Anne Frank'.
The play, ambitious, challenging and emotional was a resounding success.

The challenge for me has been to find lots of 1940s clothes to fit a group of 14 year olds.Beatnik came up with some real authentic beauties.....

Carolines (Mrs Frank) 1930s dress could have been made for her.

Grace (Meip) looks fantastic in this 1940s skirt.

Finn looks the part of Peter in his fairisle tank top.

Star of Davids had to be sewn on to the clothes.

The girls in the class helped with hair and make-up.

Cast 1 pose for a photo opp in the living room.

Mr Van Daan your moustache looks just fine.

Curtain call

Well done class 8
Well done Beatnik.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Eating Mistake of the Day

I made a mistake, I hold my hands up, I admit it, we all make them from time to time,
you live and learn. When I'm by myself in the shop it can get a bit lonely and also a bit chilly and I need comfort food. It maybe sunny springtime outside but Beatnik remains firmly in the shade till 1pm.
My mistake was to make myself a 'cup of soup', not any old cup of soup but one that was made by notable TV chef Ainsley Harriott. This must surely mean that it is a good product, this should prove to be not only comforting but nourishing as well. I should have realised when I poured the salmon coloured powder into the mug that things were looking doubtful. I stirred and stirred the dubious looking concoction but it did not stop it tasting like gloopey gluey soap.
To be avoided at all costs.
Ainsley Harriott, you big grinning TV chef, you should be ashamed.