Thursday, 28 April 2011

God Save The Queen

The glorious day is upon us. (Are you just a teensy bit tired of hearing about it ALL THE TIME?)  Well I must admit I am, but at the same time I've enjoyed dressing our God save the royal wedding window.  Oh go on then I'll show you some photos, you've twisted my arm....

It all started with a mohican

He's a bit mean and a bit camp at the same time


If you feel the need to pogo at any point in the proceedings then 

Let the madness


Saturday, 23 April 2011

sunshine blue

I can't stop taking photos of flowers.  They are everywhere, showing off all over the place.  The dandelions are looking perfectly formed in every way, one o'clock, two o'clock.....

Summer has landed early.  the sun is warm and the blue sky dazzling.  my favourite place to sit and daydream is just a couple of minutes walk from my house.....

If only I could while away the hours by a reedy river bank mucking about with different photo settings on my iphone everyday, but sometimes I do have to go to the shop.  Today was no exception and phew, it was hot hot hot.  I could feel the heat rushing in through the door, trying to coax me outside, wanting me to lean against the doorway with my face upturned, my eyes closed and my mind somewhere on a riverbank, with wild flowers and all the time in the world.

However, I was far too busy for that kind of nonsense.  For one thing, I had to make a start on our window display for the big event.

More window photos to follow.  

Happy Easter

Eat chocolate

Soak up 

The rays


Wednesday, 13 April 2011

See The Leaves

I can't help it,  I'm loving the leaves, the flowers, the sun, the whole springtime vibe man

I love being able to prop the shop door open and have a sense of the sunny street smells and snatches of conversation hanging in the air. I was taking a photo of our window (sneaking in a crafty sun fix) and I was accosted by two, well shall we say, tipsy young men, who on seeing me with a camera demanded that I take their photo. I couldn't quite work out the point of me taking their photo on my camera, but hey, I just went with the drunken flow (and silently prayed that they wouldn't stumble into the shop)

The inebriated young chaps... You're blogged!

The shop window (that's much better)

I also have a few photos of some beautiful pieces of jewellery that Sas managed to find, but alas my computer is playing up and I can't get to them.  Which was actually the whole point of this post.  Doh!

Here's some blossom instead...springtime heaven

I'll leave you with my springtime music selection for last week

This one is my current favourite




and smell

the sunshine


Sunday, 3 April 2011

Mother Stands For Comfort

Mothers Day. I always make the most of it.  Flower gazing, funny cards, snoozing in the afternoon, that kind of thing.

The plum trees are in blossom

I found this beautiful night- dress the other day, the light was so lovely late this afternoon I tried to take a whimsical photo of it being all floaty and peach-like among the plum blossom. 

Not sure that's working really but you can kind of see how pretty it is, and it's from Harrods no less.  Fancy.

1950s or 60's I think.  S'lovely

More flower photos

For all mothers sons and daughters