Sunday, 8 May 2011

There's a guy works down the chip shop swears he's Elvis

We were honoured with a very special visitor at the shop this week.  I must say Elvis that you're looking pretty good all things considered.

The life size Elvis gave me an idea for a new window display

I like our Elvis impersonator, I'm not quite sure which Elvis-era he's pulling off, a bit of a mixture I think.

I love that when I start taking photos outside the shop our customers join in too


..... Or without The King

This customer was without doubt one of my loveliest of the week, and what style! Great summer colours.

Other news of the week.....

We are very busy getting ready to trade at 

We received a lovely note posted through the door from one of our customers

I went to the cinema to see   this  It was a kind of cross between Indianna Jones, A night at the museum and Amelie (in other words weird)

I saw some stunning flowers and secret doors

Well that was some of the weekly happenings.  Life is busy especially with all the festival preparations, but that's what keeps everything interesting and exhausting fun.

Some Joni to keep with the hippy vibe





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  1. Re the window display.. the one on the right's mine, but I don't think much of yours, he looks a bit one-dimensional to me. Love it, bet it makes people smile. Love the colourful old lady too... I had a friend who sadly died a few years ago, in her seventies, who dressed colourfully and with great style, it never looked naff or mad... went somehow with her white hair piled on her head and held with chopsticks sometimes! Oh to have the colouring that would take colours like that....sigh!