Monday, 13 December 2010

California Dreaming

My last and best gig of 2010 was Belle and Sebastian.  I'm a big fan and always have been.  I knew it was going to be a good set when I started crying when they played this song near the beginning.  I had to give myself a stern talking to and thankfully managed the rest of the show without being an emotional jelly.

What else, Oh I know, we have some new jewellery cabinets for the shop.  They're sort of plain and just filling in until we get our lovely old fashioned glass counter.  It has given us a lot more space to display some of our lovely jewels

Jewellery, lots of it, moving on.....

Something else that I've been enjoying is Emma at Silver Pebble's Splash of Colour Group.  Anything to brighten up a cold December Day.


But the most exciting thing is that I'm off.  Flying off to much milder climes.  California to be exact.  For Christmas.  So I've wrapped my presents, packed my bags and my camera and I hope to bore you with my holiday snaps anytime soon.

Toodle pip

Bon Voyage

See you soon



  1. I love Belle and Sebastian! A lady I know just got two piglets and, well, named them after said band. Which was supposed to be a compliment.

    Have a blast in California! And I'll be excited to see your 'Holiday Snaps' once you return.

  2. Hi Holly, I love the idea of belle and sebastian the piglets! We go in a few days.... Very EXCITED!

  3. Your photos are so juicy I had to use them in today's mosaics...coming soon. Thanks so much for your images in the Flickr pool.