Friday, 3 December 2010

Baby It's Cold Outside

To state the bleedin' obvious it's cold.  In fact it is so cold that I took a hot water bottle with me into the shop today, yes really, that cold.  It helped me through the day, well that and the tin of Roses chocolates that our work experience girl gave to us as a thank you present (cheers Grace).

The models have got dressed up in their winter woolies.  I'm digging the eighties mustard and black number, originally from 'Snob' ( those were the days ).

A wintery scene for me to gaze at while I dressed the window.........

and some more snowy moments

If it takes your fancy listen to The Lilac Time ( it's somehow a bit christmassy, plus I'm on an eighties kick)   and watch this  (it's a bit silly)


  1. The weather outside is indeed frightful! I am currently dressed in fuzzy socks with a cup of cocoa. Brrr! I LOVE the bottom picture of the sledding hill (is that what they're doing?). It is bizarre in the best way. Hope you stay warm!

  2. Thank you Holly.... Yes a lot of sledging (British speak for sledding) fun went on that afternoon, the photo is best viewed large... I must work out how to get big photos on the blog, they look so much better.
    Keep those tootsies toastie!

  3. I love your photos, especially that last one - there's something magical about it.

    Many thanks for popping your name on the Splash of Colour list - this month's colour week goes on until Monday so there's still time to post! Emma x

  4. Hi Emma, I am so pleased with that last photo. Thanks for taking time to visit (you must be so busy with the flickr group 'n all!)
    I'm enjoying Decembers splash of colour, just what we need.
    : )