Sunday, 16 January 2011

London Calling

I went to London this weekend.  It was very exciting.  Whenever I go there I become a bit like a kid seeing the sights for the first time.  

For lunch I had the most amazing meal at this cool japanese restaurant.  

I went to two birthday parties in one evening.

I scampered around the streets of London, record shopping (boring), retro clothes shopping ( I bought a denim skirt) and trying to take some photos that reflected my trip to the big city.  I'm not entirely sure I made a good job of it but here are a few pics anyway.

I loved this art supply shop.  It's the type of shop that is filled with all sorts of art stuff that I don't need but still really want. I don't draw or paint which makes it even weirder.

A happy sign

I'm going there again next week for my birthday with my family in tow, can't wait.

We may as well listen to this to keep the whole London vibe going

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