Thursday, 20 January 2011

Looking Through The Window

Our windows got smashed which is such a complete and utter pain (no pun intended).  It isn't the first time. It's what comes with having a shop situated in the pub and club end of town. The good news, is that we have now had all of the windows and the wooden frames replaced.  They look very marvellous indeedy.  The bad news, is that we're having grills fitted over the windows to protect them from drunkards and idiots.  The plan is that we should be able to remove them each day, I'm not looking forward to that bit, on the bright side it will be good for the old arm exercises.

While I was clearing out the windows I found lots of treasures that needed a bit of a dust off and a new place to live.

Aah where would we be without the retro pineapple ice bucket 

Or indeed an apple ice bucket

Remember remember.......?

Just a small selection of our window wares.

While cleaning, photo-ing flitting and serving,  I listened to,  The Decemberists ,  Tunng,  The Kings of Convience and  Jose Gonzalez.   All a bit mellow but that's how I'm feeling at the moment  (and long may it last)


  1. Sorry about the smashed windows. Love those ice buckets!

  2. While probably not being very safe, I think the broken window is quite pretty! And it makes for a nice conversation piece. Oh well, fixed windows are nice too...

    I love the hidden self portraits in the ice bucket photos--sneaky!

  3. Hi Anja, thank you for dropping by.... The ice buckets are great, everyone loves them (but not quite enough to buy them!)