Saturday, 4 June 2011

Give It Away

I've been writing this blog for a year.  A year!  I have now blogged my way through all the seasons and gone camera crazy.  I've tried writing in a few different styles, some have worked , some haven't.  A friend once said to me, 'I didn't really like that past tense third person thing you did' (Thanks for that)

I want to do a little give away to mark this bloggy occasion.  Now don't get excited, it's nothing fancy.  I haven't got any beautiful hand drawn flower pictures to give, or, for that matter, a lovingly hand crafted silver necklace.  Nor have I knitted a cushion or painted a whimsical bunny.  What I have got however, are two cds.  The first one is a mixture of songs from some of my blog post titles, the other is a comp of groovy sixties stuff put together by my boyfriend-partner-fiancee (BPF) and our lovely friend Andy Spaceland. ( I know, you want the bunny, what can I say).

Thank you for stopping by to read about the amazing adventures of Beatnik and looking at my photographic experiments.

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let me know

If you would like some music

to fill your


Thank you James and Andy for all your great tunes



  1. Wahoo! Happy first Birthday little blog! I'm so glad to have met you + blog, and have so enjoyed getting to know you better. I personally love it when you go a little camera crazy (so please don't ever stop!!), and really quite like the additional music recommendations you sometimes provide. Please count me in on the giveaway--fingers crossed!

  2. Hi, WOW.I cant believe its been a year! I have absolutely loved looking at your blog. The photos...the clothes...the models and their intruiging antics..and particularly a certain purple poncho that I bamboozled you into thinking that was mine and is now hanging in my wardrobe! I definately need some music to fill my soul...not that I want to influence you in any way, but I think one of those cds is mine anyway!!! (joke)
    Heres to another blogtastic year