Saturday, 5 June 2010

The door into summer

She awoke to the promise of a warm sunny day but the thought of being in the shop while all the families, students and skivers were having sunny fun in the park opposite was almost too much to bear. No matter, a plan was hatched and the thought of it made her smile and even get a little excited about the day ahead.  
Flowers were picked from the garden, a pretty dress slipped into, and time taken to choose the perfect summer playlist.

Arriving at the shop she set to work immediately. The flowers were placed in a vase on the counter, the white rose from the garden looked particularly charming.

The music was attended to and soon the sounds of reggae and samba were drifting through the shop and tumbling out in to the sunshine.

Busy as a bee no time to waste, the door was propped opened wide and and a pretty selection of dresses were hung invitingly upon it, including some dresses that were hand crocheted especially for Beatnik and a lovely 60s maxi dress that reminded her of a  

She stepped outside and unrolled the shop blinds and gazed a little enviously at the people with nothing more to do but lay about on the grass, but there was no time for dilly dallying, there was still so much to do. Some great new clothes had arrived at the shop the day before and the mannequins needed something new to wear, what to choose...

The sitting down model was more than awkward to dress and the yellow towelling playsuit just didn't sit right on her strange annoying mannequin shaped body, she needed a dress, so the playsuit was swapped for a spotty red 70s dress which was quite nice but then she remembered a lovely 60's sky blue soft pleated dress that would look perfect.

The window display was looking good and the shop soon filled with people, office workers on their breaks, students feeling happy that their exams were finally over and passers by curiously drawn into somewhere perhaps for the first time that felt different, exciting and realizing that they had found a sunny little gem of a shop.


  1. That just makes me want to skip over to the shop and make a frivolous purchase! Shame its pissing with rain outside...for a moment there I thought I was enjoying a wonderful summers day!Youre so clever.....

  2. Thanks for popping over to blog land its always sunny here!

  3. Awwww reading that gave me such a warm glowy feeling!! I agree with Harry, you are so clever xxx

  4. look at you with your lovely floral displays! You're a natural missy x