Sunday, 17 July 2011


I've been on holiday.  It was a 'staycation'.  Our friends came to stay and it was a week full of  Anniversaries and weddings
Zoos and forests
Oxford street in the crowds and drizzle
and trying our hardest to get through this great box set but only managing four episodes

But all holidays must come to an end and after teary goodbyes and promises to see everyone soon, I had to roll my sleeves up and get back to work.

It's always a bit of a wake up call to get back into the swing of things after a couple of weeks of having nothing to do with work whatsoever. I felt like I needed another week or so of full R&R, just to ease me back into reality.  That was never on the cards. C'est la vie.

On my first day back this week, I pull up outside the shop, my van full of stock.  I have to unload quickly otherwise I'm the prey of the traffic warden.  there is already a customer waiting outside. Good for business, not good for me getting a ticket.  

The customer wants a fifties hire.  I find a dress for her and while she is trying it on I hastily start to walk/run out of the shop so I can unload the van.  That was when I had the strangest accident.  My car key ( this is weird ) jabbed up my nose.  There is no other way of explaining it.  Even I'm not sure how it happened.  My nose immediately started to bleed profusely.

I panicked a bit.  It wasn't a normal nose bleed, being as it were self inflicted.  I grabbed a scarf (which happened to be red) and tried to stop the flow of blood.  At that moment another customer entered the shop and being the ever helpful shop keeper that I am I muffled through the scarf a 'hello, I'm having a small nose bleed but take no notice, can I help you?'  He was sympathetic and told me to pinch my nose, and did we have an eighties outfit?

I tried my best, I really did, but feeling a combination of pain (nose), embarassment (key), and anxiety (parking ticket), I just wasn't up to the job of figuring out an Indianna Jones/ Adam Ant/New Romantic outfit.

The customer left disappointed ( sorry).  The nose bleed stopped.  The lady loved her fifties outfit (hurrah).


Good news is that the rest of the day got much better

Well it had to really.


  1. That is the saddest story I have ever heard. And okay, it was maybe a little bit funny too. Hope your nose is back to normal and that life gets back to normal too :) Coming home from a (stay) vacation is pretty hard, I'm about to do it myself. Not looking forward to my mountain of laundry...

  2. I oculd almost feel your panic as I read this... poor you! Glad the day got better.
    Maggie at