Thursday, 28 July 2011

The Model

I've been taking some photos of real people modelling our clothes. I usually take the photos of the clothes on mannequins.  This takes more time but it is much more fun.

We heard about this magical place, it's called the land of e-bay.  Someone said we should get our fingers out and actually start trying to sell some of our wonderful vintage clothes there.

So we are going to give it a go.  Who knows, we may even sell some stuff, fingers crossed.  I shall post a link when it's all up and running.

This amazing 2-piece was apparently worn by a member of the audience on this 
I'm sure it was there somewhere.

Now for something completely different....

aahhh flowers, they are so much easier to take photos of.  These are sundews and they are incredible tiny carnivorous plants.  They grow around bogs and marshes and eat flies.  I was so excited when I was shown them, and also a bit muddy and soggy too because I was trying to capture a decent photo of them while in a muddy bog wearing flip flops. Totally worth it, fascinating and so pretty.

Talking of pretty, A big thank you to our lovely models  

Not that I'm comparing you to a fly eating plants or anything... I'll stop now. 
Here are more pretty flowers

More modelling adventures to come soon, I hope.


  1. I think I've heard of this ebay sounds so familiar. Those clothes sure do come to life while being worn by real life models (no offense to Suzette)! And those Sundews are AMAZING!!! What a crazy cool world.

  2. Looks like we got our selfs a MODEL OFF!

  3. Such pretty girls.. oh those were the days when one was young(er) and slim(mer) and full of confidence in front of a camera. Love the clothes... but those fly-eating flowers are amazing!!