Friday, 16 July 2010

Pushing Up The Daisies

Where I live there is an old church, (I'm talking really old). With a magical gate that catches the rays of the setting sun.                                 

Go through the gate and meet a kind lady with a stoney stare, then skip down the shady path  (you can't go wrong, it's right by the spotted headstone), and you will arrive at the beach. Well it's a kind of beach. Not the sort with sand dunes and turquoise oceans (I wish), but it does have colours of yellow and green......




A place for dens in the ivy and trees, and doing as you please.
Ideally I could live without the Pylons and the Containers, but you can't have everything, besides they make for interesting shapes.


And the summer trees and popcorn flowers get all my attention anyway. 
I like living next to the old church and kind of beach.

       These flowers do look a bit like popcorn, don't they?                                                                     


  1. I love your name of 'popcorn' flowers...

  2. Thankyou apple times aka Lara!