Thursday, 11 August 2011

Girls On Film

Exciting things have been happening at Beatnik.  A television film crew dropped by to film some stuff for a certain reality tv show that we are not allowed to mention just yet ( it's about eating).... I know, not really that much relevance to vintage clothing, but what the hell, we'll take any publicity that we can lay our hands on.

Star of the show ( nice bag ) 

The photos I took were not that exciting.  Just cameras and fluffy microphones. Wish I could say more, but mums the word for now.

Exciting happening numero 2

Sometimes a lovely little find happens

Some Biba playing cards 

And a lovely beaded purse.

Exciting-ish happening numero 3

I entered a photo competition with this view I took on the way into the shop.

I didn't win

I entered this one too ( a detail from the church opposite my house)

I didn't win with that either

Never mind.  Life can't be exciting all the time, that would just become, well, a bit boring really.


  1. Woah! I turn my back for one second and the Beatnik turns into a movie star!! I can't WAIT to hear the back story...but I guess I will have too :(

    And I am in LOVE with that view on the way to the shop--I would have definitely given you a big first prize ribbon.

    And tell that star that I have the same bag as her. So yep, I'm pretty cool too (thanks to you!)

  2. Well obviously the judges of the photo competition had their blindfolds on... I especially like the first one.
    Maggie @

  3. Ooo exciting about the TV show hehe, any publicity is good publicity!

    Love your finds, and also well done with your pictures (although you didn't win) they're brilliant.

    Hope you and Beatnik are well x

  4. Your photographs are fab, got a magical quality about them.

  5. Just taking a moment out of my hectic staycation to peruse your blog....must comment on 1) Television Crew more than I would expect of such a happening establishment. It was going to happen sooner or later! 2)Biba before, the best vintage shop on the south coast stocks all the best gear. I wouldnt expect anything less. 3)The Entering of Superb Photos in to Various Competitions.....well I can only sumise that the judges have never been to Southampton. Anyone that can take a photo like that of southampton and portray it as something stunningly beautiful deserves the highest accolade! Clever Girl!

  6. How exciting (all of it apart from not winning photo comp)! Looking forward to finding out about the filming.

    My folks live in So'ton so shall come and find your shop when I'm next there.

  7. Thanks everyone for all your lovely comments! I expect after all that I'll end up missing the TV show when it's actually shown!

  8. I really hope it is Come Dine With Me. I was tempted to enter the last Southampton edition of it!