Monday, 7 November 2011

Autumn Shade

It is Autumn already, well at the time of posting Autumn is already on it's last golden gasp.  I have been so busy with Halloween that this season of all seasons almost passed me by.  Luckily I made it out to some beautiful woods the other day and the sun joined in as well.  I had one of those moments of just being absolutely thankful for my life.

I like those moments.

Katy seemed to be having a nice time too, although this is her getting a bit bored with me taking ten minutes to photo some leaves.

And now for something completely different....


I know.  A bit late.  I'm not being very together with posting the latest shop going ons.  I'm not sure why, but better late than never.

Our Halloween window display was Hitchcock inspired.

We also had the wolf bride and usual Halloween suspects

The best thing that happened, apart from being lovely and busy, ( thank you Beatnik customers ), Elle came and helped us sell some Halloween goodies....

Thank you Elle, you were the best Halloween sales girl ever!

Some more Autumn loveliness

Outside Beatnik

Outside my house.





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  1. Ahh, your autumn leaf photos are breathtaking. Our leaves our long gone around here :(

    And your Halloween display looks like it was FRIGHTENING!! My favorite part is the bird wig--so clever! :) Happy late Halloween.