Sunday, 23 October 2011

Blue Light

I've just come back from Iceland.  I fell in love with it a little.

It was something to do with the roads long and empty, the sky massive and ever changing.

I loved hiking high into the hills in the freezing air and finding a hot hot stream to bathe in.
A bit hilarious and chilly getting changed though, but so worth it.

This was a tad too cold for a quick dip.

Luckily for me I have the perfect excuse to visit again.  Son Louie has been signed by a basketball club near to Reykjavik, so he's there for the season.

A useful guide to tying a tie on the side of a shop in Reykjavik. 
An idea for some graffiti art on the outside wall of Beatnik perhaps?

It is far too busy to do anything about that at the moment.  Halloween is almost here so we are turning Beatnik into the perfect costume shop for all your ghoulish and non ghoulish needs.  I'm very excited to make a start on our Halloween window, photos to follow hopefully ( As long as it turns out ok )

Enough shop

More Iceland

Good luck Louie


  1. I remember my late father visiting Iceland in the seventies and being struck by the fabulous light and space too. Great photos.

  2. Hi Maggie, I don't blame him, it really is the most amazing place. The air is so clear and the light is incredible. Louie txted this morning and said he'd seen the northern lights last night! Go I you get the chance, although I would recommend summer time :)

  3. Woah Mandy, those photos are incredible! Like something out of a movie. (A very awesome movie.) Hope you and the shop had a happy halloween! We filled the Beatnik tote up with candy to hand out to little trick-or-treaters, and it was just perfect :)