Monday, 10 May 2010

To be perfectly Anne Frank....

For the last two weeks I have been immersed in theatrical pursuits, namely sorting
out all the costumes for my son Benjys' class play, 'The diary of Anne Frank'.
The play, ambitious, challenging and emotional was a resounding success.

The challenge for me has been to find lots of 1940s clothes to fit a group of 14 year olds.Beatnik came up with some real authentic beauties.....

Carolines (Mrs Frank) 1930s dress could have been made for her.

Grace (Meip) looks fantastic in this 1940s skirt.

Finn looks the part of Peter in his fairisle tank top.

Star of Davids had to be sewn on to the clothes.

The girls in the class helped with hair and make-up.

Cast 1 pose for a photo opp in the living room.

Mr Van Daan your moustache looks just fine.

Curtain call

Well done class 8
Well done Beatnik.

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