Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Eating Mistake of the Day

I made a mistake, I hold my hands up, I admit it, we all make them from time to time,
you live and learn. When I'm by myself in the shop it can get a bit lonely and also a bit chilly and I need comfort food. It maybe sunny springtime outside but Beatnik remains firmly in the shade till 1pm.
My mistake was to make myself a 'cup of soup', not any old cup of soup but one that was made by notable TV chef Ainsley Harriott. This must surely mean that it is a good product, this should prove to be not only comforting but nourishing as well. I should have realised when I poured the salmon coloured powder into the mug that things were looking doubtful. I stirred and stirred the dubious looking concoction but it did not stop it tasting like gloopey gluey soap.
To be avoided at all costs.
Ainsley Harriott, you big grinning TV chef, you should be ashamed.

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