Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Undone - the Sweater song

I do not want summer to end

I am not thinking about the leaves turning red yellow and gold.

I am not longing for tasty potatoes baked in the embers of an evening bonfire.

I am not wondering about wellington boots and umbrellas blowing inside out.

I am not dreaming about burying myself in the duvet while the rain hammers on my bedroom window.

I am not hoping for morning mists and the sound of geese.

I am not fussed about ducking into a cinema on a wild and windy rainy afternoon to see this magical film.

I am not wishing for apple bobbing and pennies for the guy......




I am starting to think about jumpers and jackets, cardigans and cozy coats for Beatnik.

We've started collecting already........

And just because we have some great knitwear in stock doesn't mean I've said goodbye to summer.

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