Monday, 8 November 2010

She comes in colours

Colour, it's been on my mind.  I think partly due to the autumn show that's been laid on for us this year, but mostly because I've joined yet another flickr group, run by Emma over at Silverpebble.  The purpose being to post some photos of colour that will spread a little colourful cheer for the next few months ahead.  I'll drink to that.

Post Halloween and things are getting back to normal (well as normal as things get in Beatnik).  Which gives me a chance to look for a splash of colour.  I'm spoilt for choice......

While choosing which colourful things to take photos of I listened to Midlake and the new Belle and Sebastian, which is the musical equivalent of a good autumn soup.  I mean that in the best possible way.  

Splashes of colour not just in the shop........

If your day seems grey

Head over to

for a quick colour fix


  1. Oh! This is you! Good grief. That image of the sequins is absolutely joyful. Thanks again for joining in here and over on flickr. Thanks also for following me over to my new gaff x

  2. Emma, I think I may post the sequin photo to your group at the beginning of December.... December? already? Gulp, how did that happen!

  3. Ahhhh..thats superb. I do love your litle rays of sunshine! XXXXXX

  4. Thank you Harry (I do my best)!

    : ) xx

  5. thank you for the birthdaywishes! :) nespresso is really cool, right. do you have a favorite type of the cruds? haven´t made it trough the 16 different types ...

  6. Hi Kaffiknopf, thanks for stopping by. I tend to drink red (de-caff) or if I'm flagging the cream colour. My eldest son is into the purple which is intense caffiene apparently. You can tell I'm no expert because I just know a few colours!