Monday, 1 November 2010


The clocks have turned back an hour and we're all having to get used to the idea that it's getting dark by late afternoon . Halloween has been and gone in a spooky blur.  I fully intended to take some photos of our customers in their scary and not so scary costumes but I didn't get a chance because Beatnik was so busy.

Now it's back to normal I can hopefully get some decent dog walks in and grab a last chance to see the autumn colours, but not after tea because it's dark.

Katy and her ridiculous stick

With time rushing by as it has a habit of doing it made me think of  this song.    I remember playing it very loud when we first moved the shop to our current location. It was the night before we opened and we were madly trying to unpack and put clothes on rails, everything was everywhere and I was feeling stressed, although the word stressed is an understatement, and even putting the words completely and utterly before it still does not convey how I was feeling.  The song played and I stood still. I listened to the lyrics and the melody and thought, you know, I think everything is going to be ok. It really is that kind of song.


  1. Daylight savings time comes next week for us...I am not looking forward to it! So dark so early. I just had to laugh when I saw Katy walking with a big stick--Gesso does that too! All of the time. I think it's because he wants to feel useful. Hope you can get out and enjoy some Autumn walks, they are truly the best.

  2. Hi Holly, it's so funny with the big stick thing, and I think you're right about them wanting to do something on the walk. Sometimes she tries to bury it and I'm thinking, you know, that's really not going to happen unless you build a long trench! By the time Gesso gets to full size he's going to be carrying small trees!