Thursday, 25 November 2010

All The Madmen

Today at Beatnik I had a bit of a Mad Men moment.  I was wanting to dress the window and I found a lovely turquoise sixties dress and thought this is just the colour that looks fabulous on Joan.  Which in turn got me thinking about Peggy and how she really is the true leader of style in that programme at the moment.  I mean who needs curvy sexy Joanee when you've got smart pussy cat bow peggy cooking up a storm at the copy desk.

As for Don and Betty, well don't get me started.  They are as troublesome off screen as they are on.  I had a hard time finding a suit to fit Dons masculine figure, but after I stopped myself throwing his silly arms across the shop in frustration I finally found one that was just about ok. The same goes for finding a trilby to fit his big head. 

Betty is sitting pretty in a lovely cream fifties dress with red piping and a matching jacket 

While I was getting mad at the mad men I listened to Kate Bush ( this album ).  I know I should have been getting groovy with Ella or Doris but I've just gone mad for Kate at the moment.


  1. What beautiful photos Mandy! Seriously. I need to take lessons from you. It seems as though your models are always quite stubborn... but at least no one lost a limb!

  2. Hi holly, thank you for the compliment! I just have to say that I have no idea what I'm doing with my camera and I waste most of my time clicking away at the same thing until I get one shot that looks like what I was aiming for.... Perhaps we could have a master class with Evan!