Monday, 14 February 2011

At The Heart Of Love

The date ...... February 14th

The Place ..... Blackpool

The Event ...... A Gruff Rhys solo gig

The motive ....... A proposal of marriage

 Some photos of hearts and flowers in honour of St Valentines day.


James and I decided to book tickets to see Gruff Rhys ( singer from a favourite band of ours, Super Furry Animals) who was performing at this funny little hotel, in Blackpool of all places.

Have you ever been to Blackpool?  Have you ever been to Blackpool in February, in the rain?  If the answer to the last question is a yes, then I can completely sympathise, because you know and I know that it sucks.  Any town in the grey British drizzle is not going to be at its best so perhaps I can forgive it a little, (or can I)?  I bravely took a few photos.

Not much to work with I'm afraid.
Rain, fish and chips and kiss me quick hats were the order of the day.  Thank goodness that the gig we went to was fantastic.  It was really special and a little surreal.

 Blackpool must have brought out the romantic in me (I'm not sure how), because the next morning (Valentines) I asked James to marry me.

He said 



Enough soppy stuff for now.  Normal service will be resumed shortly.



  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!! How wonderful... see, Blackpool isn't such a bad place after all!
    I do know Blackpool in February, in fact I know it all year round as I lived about five miles to the north of it and worked in it in the late 60s... great time with all the big groups of the day playing there at one venue or another - the Dave Clark Five, Searchers and the like. Won't mean a thing to you, those names... sigh.... But sadly, Blackpool isn't half the place it used to be, the 50s and 60s were probably it's heyday.

  2. Ahh thank you Maggie. I feel a bit bad about being sucky about Blackpool. It must've been quite the place to be back in the day. I love all things sixties, especially the music. I'm glad we have had a Blackpool connection, of sorts!

  3. 'Love is in the air....everywhere I look la la la la....dobedobedooo'
    James was obviously a sucker for the tempting sights at Blackpool...and I dont mean the dodgy restaurants! That hotel room had something interesting in it!! 'Im getting married in the morning...ding dong the bells are gonna chime...Lala la lalala...lala la lala....'

  4. YAY! My most heartfelt congratulations! How very exciting.

  5. Congratulation! Love the Blackpool photos and the blue/red flower.

  6. Thanks for the congratulations girls! (and the song Harry) x