Thursday, 10 February 2011

It's Only Love

It's time for some love, and also some hearts.  Thank you for the inspiration Holly and Domesticali

 Ok, they may be a little wonky, but I feel that just adds to their charm. 

The wonky hearts in action

They are quite simple to make.  All you need is a magazine or newspaper, scissors that are blunt and too big, a heart template that you cut out using the big old scissors.
I always find it handy to serve customers while you're in the middle of crafting. A top tip is not to use pva glue on newspaper because it may take ages to dry and end up all wrinkled and curled over, and so you will have to screw everything up and start over again.

Love is in the air

Time for a love song me thinks

More of the soppy stuff to come



  1. Lovely, but I do think the heart-shaped cucumbers in Sainsbury's are pushing it a bit too far... especially at £1 for half a cucumber, and would the fact you used it make any difference on your other half? In my case, no.

  2. I love your hearts! I think that cutting them out of funny comics and newsprint makes them absolutely perfect! Look at those two love birds! Things are heating up at the Beatnik I see--the Mrs even has her fan out! Oo la la!

  3. The hearts are great! Love the one with the photo of the scooter!

  4. Maggie... Heart shaped cucumbers, are you kidding?

    Holly, Oh yes things are indeed heating up between those two ( I've been getting quite hot under the collar), there will be stories to tell I can assure you.

    Anja, thank you... The scooter picture makes me want to go to Rome! If only..... : )

  5. Mandy... no kidding about the heart shaped cucumbers, there's a pic of it on bibbitybob's blog -