Wednesday, 2 February 2011

True Colours

It is after school drop off and I am walking Katy the dog.  It is cold.  The sort of cold that is dense and unyielding. The sort of cold that makes me wish I had put on some thermal leggings and an extra pair of socks before I left the house, indeed it makes me wish that I had never left the house in the first place.  There is a slight wind that I try to ignore but it bothers me anyway.  I need to buck myself up and out of these February blues, and then I remember, with a little pop of excitement, that it is Splash of Colour week.  Oh frabjous day callooh callay!  I can look for colour, take a photo (or ten) and feel a little more cheery.

I gaze about the frigid landscape.  There is an awful lot of brown, quite a lot of grey and bits of dark boring green.  I walk for a while, thinking that I shall have to make do with taking a photo of some rhubarb when I get home, and then, I spy, nestled in amongst the frozen bracken, a PINK BALLOON.

What the.... How the.... I must admit I am surprised, also a bit happy and strangely a little sad.  I also must admit that I made quite a meal out of telling that story.

The pink balloon on a colourless day

and some more bursts of colour that I have come across in the last few days

From a lost balloon to happy havianas in three colourful photos

Join the colour parade

and stay warm


  1. Those flip flops are stupendous. You really had a pop of excitement? That's bloomin' brilliant that is.

  2. I hadn't realised how cold the wind was today, until I went out, then like you, wished I hadn't. But a nurse with a needle beckoned at the surgery, so no escape....
    Greetings from a fellow splasher of colour... I hope it starts up again this winter, it was fun looking for that splash!
    Like you, the balloon made me feel a bit sad too..... but there is something about deflated or abandoned balloons, especially in a place where they are out of context. Has some little birthday girl lost it, inadvertently letting loose the string in her hand and watched sadly as it floated away. I'd have picked it up, tied a label on it with my name and email, and sent it on its way, to see what happened next! I'm a bit strange like that.. so some folk say. I couldn't possibly comment.

  3. I was hanging on your every word! What a story teller you are! That balloon photo is excellent, and makes me feel like there's hope for dumb dreary February (much worse than January!). Also, I love the holly berries, but I could be a little biased :) Thanks for sharing your (yet again) inspiring photos!

  4. Thanks again Emma for hosting splash of colour, it's been fun : )

    Maggie, You're lovely to think of tying a label on the balloon! Thank you for popping by : )

    I'm glad you liked the holly, Holly (and the story)!

  5. Loved your story and the balloon photo. It looks so poetic and dreamlike.