Saturday, 23 April 2011

sunshine blue

I can't stop taking photos of flowers.  They are everywhere, showing off all over the place.  The dandelions are looking perfectly formed in every way, one o'clock, two o'clock.....

Summer has landed early.  the sun is warm and the blue sky dazzling.  my favourite place to sit and daydream is just a couple of minutes walk from my house.....

If only I could while away the hours by a reedy river bank mucking about with different photo settings on my iphone everyday, but sometimes I do have to go to the shop.  Today was no exception and phew, it was hot hot hot.  I could feel the heat rushing in through the door, trying to coax me outside, wanting me to lean against the doorway with my face upturned, my eyes closed and my mind somewhere on a riverbank, with wild flowers and all the time in the world.

However, I was far too busy for that kind of nonsense.  For one thing, I had to make a start on our window display for the big event.

More window photos to follow.  

Happy Easter

Eat chocolate

Soak up 

The rays



  1. Oh dear, you are one lucky girl. Dandelions (I love dandelions!) and a picturesque river bank?! So very jealous.

    I can't imagine the frenzy of excitement going on over there because of 'the big event'! Even over here in the states people can't stop talking about it! Now hurry up and show us your window display!

  2. It looks like a great place to sit and daydream :-) I can just imagine the insane wedding-frenzy! And I agree with Holly: show us the display!

  3. Someone elsle with an Easter tree.Apparently they have been around years, they are part of the annual celebrations for Easter and have been for ever such a long time, in places like Austria, Germany, Norway and so on. Yet until this year, I never heard of them! I like the simplicity of yours.