Sunday, 3 April 2011

Mother Stands For Comfort

Mothers Day. I always make the most of it.  Flower gazing, funny cards, snoozing in the afternoon, that kind of thing.

The plum trees are in blossom

I found this beautiful night- dress the other day, the light was so lovely late this afternoon I tried to take a whimsical photo of it being all floaty and peach-like among the plum blossom. 

Not sure that's working really but you can kind of see how pretty it is, and it's from Harrods no less.  Fancy.

1950s or 60's I think.  S'lovely

More flower photos

For all mothers sons and daughters



  1. Happy Mother's Day! Ours won't be here until next month (hopefully things are as beautiful here as there by then:). I think those photos are TOTALLY working--I am itching to feel that floaty, dreamy fabric in my hand. What a terrific find! Again, I love your photos (and I plan on saying that on every post--you haven't disappointed me yet!)

  2. Ahhh...havent looked at your blogs for a while, but I wish I had. Its all me quite a lift. I needed that this mothers day.xxxxxx

  3. Beautiful photos. And that night dress, gorgeous!

  4. Awww shucks girls, thanks x