Wednesday, 13 April 2011

See The Leaves

I can't help it,  I'm loving the leaves, the flowers, the sun, the whole springtime vibe man

I love being able to prop the shop door open and have a sense of the sunny street smells and snatches of conversation hanging in the air. I was taking a photo of our window (sneaking in a crafty sun fix) and I was accosted by two, well shall we say, tipsy young men, who on seeing me with a camera demanded that I take their photo. I couldn't quite work out the point of me taking their photo on my camera, but hey, I just went with the drunken flow (and silently prayed that they wouldn't stumble into the shop)

The inebriated young chaps... You're blogged!

The shop window (that's much better)

I also have a few photos of some beautiful pieces of jewellery that Sas managed to find, but alas my computer is playing up and I can't get to them.  Which was actually the whole point of this post.  Doh!

Here's some blossom instead...springtime heaven

I'll leave you with my springtime music selection for last week

This one is my current favourite




and smell

the sunshine



  1. Love that photo of the leaves and the blue sky! Not so sure about the tipsy, young men... Have a great weekend!

  2. oh dear, I am getting old. I no longer find inebraited men, young, old, handsome or otherwise, remotely funny or worthy of my time. And I hadn't heard of any of your music favourites either. There is no hope....