Thursday, 1 September 2011

Colour My World

September is here.  Summer is closing her emerald door until next year.  I wish she wasn't.  I'm still enjoying the gauzy skys and light filled evenings.  I like wearing tee shirts and taking Katy for long lazy woodland walks.  

We are busy stocking the rails with jumpers and coats at Beatnik, which is always a sure sign that Autumn is knocking at our door. (Go away Autumn I'm not here)

One last look back at my very colourful August.  In fact it's almost all the colours of the rainbow.

There goes Summer.

There is a photo of some plum jam I made, my first ever jam making adventure.  I got the recipe from here

It is the most delicious jam I have ever tasted

Even though I do say so myself


  1. Great photos, love those red glasses, very Marje Proops.

  2. You take the BEST pictures (have I mentioned that before?!)!! I love love love the green leaf/dew drop one the very most--that speaks summer to me.

  3. I feel the same as you about the end of summer. Your images are beautiful. I have a secret - I've never made jam. Is it tricky?