Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Lost In France

September, where did you go? It was one of those months when everything went a bit hectic, nice hectic, but you know, sort of busy. I went to France for a few days.  The sun shone and the days were long and lazy.  I found time to mooch around a couple of antique fairs and bought a few things for Beatnik.  My French is pretty much non existent but it's surprising what you can recall when you need to haggle a bargain.

The light was soft and golden, I hassled Elle ( my sons girlfriend) into modelling some of the clothes I bought.

Check flannel shirt

Eighties fluffy jumper ( eighties fluffy car )

Seventies Liberty print dress

Sixties wool dress with embroidered skirt

Autumn cardigan

Eighties jumper

 Autumn sunset

I'm back home now in the swing of things.  The kids are gathering conkers from the chestnut trees in the park by Beatnik.  The jumpers and coats are on the rails.  

Welcome Autumn.  

Merci Elle



  1. France!! You lucky girl! And I was wondering where you had gone too. Miss Elle is gorgeous and I had to laugh at the picture of her in the 'fluffy' car, which worked perfectly with the fluffy jumper :) I share your sentiments about fall disappearing to fast, it's gonna be snowing before we know it!

  2. Great photos, lovely model, interesting clothes!