Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Bury your love like treasure

Sometimes I just feel lucky, sometimes everything seems to go my way. The sun shines, I have a spring in my step, all is rosy in my garden. There was definitely a certain something in the air when I pootled off to the car boot on Sunday morning, (swap meet to my friends across the pond). 
I flitted from table to table like a butterfly visiting flowers, that is if the butterfly was plodding rather than flitting and if that butterfly was hot, sweaty and carrying loads of bags, but you get the general idea.
I came upon a whole fat pile of junky rubbish (my favourite) and there under a mound of old tights something glittered. My digging became more frantic and I glanced furtively around to make sure nobody else was going to get in on the action, luckily nobody else was remotely bothered about rummaging through a load of old tights, bras and knickers, but boy oh boy was it worth it?, I mean, it was worth it because (gasp) I found buried treasure....                                                                     

 Back at the shop, and after a lot of unravelling, untangeling, unknotting, hair pulling, some swearing, and summoning the gods of patience, I managed to sort it out into some semblance

 of order.....




Worth it don't you agree? The 'treasure' is now with all the rest of our lovely jewellery selection in Beatnik. Drop by and take a look, if you're feeling lucky you may even find  a little something you fall in love with...


  1. i love that red and gold necklace, is it still for sale?

  2. Hi Nath, yes it's still in the window can you believe it?! I can't remember the price offhand but it will be cheap as chips no doubt, I'll let you know if you're interested.