Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Walking on the sand

Summer is here it's official. I made the most of our heatwave by going away for the weekend, not far from home but  it almost seemed that I took a trip to a couple of other countries along the way.                                                                      

The trip started in Hampshire at the country pile, all the usual, pimms by the pool, croquet on the lawn, cucumber sandwiches, and a magical lily pond.


The next morning it all went a bit European. We sunbathed awhile at Frensham Pond surrounded by pockets of happy families and bathing beauties of all different nationalities.


The next day we ended our lazy hazy world tour in what could've been Thailand by the looks of things.                                                                      

As it happens it turned out to be Mudeford. As it happens it turned out to be perfect.



Sunny days are here again.                                                                            


  1. your pictures are gorgeous!

  2. Why thank you! And also thank my i-phone apps!!