Thursday, 24 June 2010

You Look So Fine

Another sunny day at the shop and I started off by wishing I was outside rather than inside. So I gave myself a stern talking to (luckily there were no customers around) and then blasted some of my favourite music of the moment
 Avi  Buffalo                                                                               
 and the soundtrack from the film GreenbergThere are some great tunes on that soundtrack, I danced around the shop to Sonics - Shot Down (also luckily there were no customers around). I then had a play around displaying some pearl necklaces and chokers that Sas had got hold of.

 We have some lovely dresses in stock at the moment, so time for a bit of dressing up. As usual a couple of photogenic girls helped me out, mind you they were a bit quiet.

This seventies towelling halter wrap around dress is fun and summery

An eighties floral dress, it has a sewn in
petticoat to puff out the skirt a bit.

And these pretty summer baby doll dresses by Pop Boutique are our best sellers at the moment, get em while they're/it's hot.

Thanks girls, You look so fine.

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