Sunday, 5 September 2010


This weekend I went to The Moseley Folk Festival.  It isn't just folk music, there's a bit of everything with a handful of folk artists sprinkled on the top. The festival is very small and this adds to its charm. There are two stages, a handful of stalls, a beer tent, a cocktail bar, one of these,       a small lake, and luckily the sun was shining.

And gasp, swoon, I even saw Neil Hannon from The Divine Comedy. He was stood not far from me and I got stupidly star struck. I really wanted to stare but I forced myself to look casually in the opposite direction. I really wanted to have my photo taken with him but I stopped myself from asking. I really wanted to shake his hand and tell him that his songs have made me laugh and cry but i decided against it. I wanted to tell him that I saw him perform in Belgium with an orchestra and it's one of my top musical moments but I felt a bit silly and well, like I said, star struck.

The Divine Comedy headlined Friday evening. It was brilliant.

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