Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Purple Haze

The colour Purple. It's all things. It's groovy, it's psychedelic, it's a great book, it can be magical and mysterious,  and it can suit you if you're blonde, red or brunette.  As colours go it covers most bases.

This purple cape/coat/thingymebob came out of our winter stockpile and I just cannot believe that Beatnik could not sell it last year. It is sooo flattering.  This photo does not do it justice, but I must admit that Penelope, the model, wasn't really feeling it. She got a bit sulky and I couldn't get her to strike any different poses to show the coat off to it's full stylish potential. 

A purple wool shawl cape throw around thing (not the technical term)

Slinky sexy eighties dress

Full length seventies fitted tweed coat

Bowie peeking out of a tracky top

Oh my deer that t shirt looks divine

I love this purple jumper, and I love the man's purple turban who just happened to be walking by

A bit of sixties jewellery

Lovely woolen sixties dress

Oh and here's some nature stuff, in purple obviously

If that's got you in a purple kind of mood then sit back for a few minutes and listen to the purple man himself. Enjoy!


  1. What a fun purple party! If only I were in the neighborhood and could drop by for a little shopping :)

    Weird coincidence: I am wearing a new purple shirt today, and earlier I was thinking about the last time that I wore purple and I believe it's been about 5 years. So thanks for all the purple. I feel I'm in good company.

  2. Hi Holly, well fancy that! I love coincidences.
    If, coincidentaly, you're ever in Southampton England, then please come to the shop, would love to see you!

  3. Well being the queen of purple, you are actually preaching to the converted! There is one thing you are missing and thats a picture of my purple front door...! Also the purple 70's coat is actually mine. I will be along to the shop to pick it up next week. Thanks for looking after it for me!

  4. Hi Purple Queen Harry, How I wish I'd taken a photo of your pretty purple door......
    When you say 'actually mine' do you mean that in a joking way or is one of those beautiful coats 'actually yours' ...... I'm txting you now!
    Thanks for ahem, looking in (she said in a slightly awkward way)

  5. Well....perhaps I meant... 'that purple 70's coat has my name on it' in a kind of longing way. Or...that 'it should be mine if the world were a fairer place!'. Or...'I WANT IT!!' Take your pick!

  6. You're right, it should be yours, for you are the Queen of purple after all.
    In fact I can't imagine it on anybody else ..... : )

  7. Hello again in the purple department. I was shopping yesterday on the lookout for a purple shawl/pashmina for an up and coming wedding to go with a dress (purple..of course) that needs a warm accompanyment. I suddenly remembered the purple shawl type thing featured in your purple feature....! I am now of course desperate to have it to try out with said dress and wondered if had sold yet...? If not...save it for me pleeeease.
    Harry xxxxxx