Thursday, 7 October 2010


I've mentioned before that our shop sits opposite a park.  It's looking particularly lovely at the moment, what with the chestnut trees doing their autumn bit of showing off and the general air of hustle and bustle as the students make their way to and from lectures.

Opposite the park is The Southampton City Art Gallery.  Currently showing  a Bridget Riley exhibition.  Fantastic.

You really can't look at that last one too long

The art gallery asked the shop if they could borrow some clothes to show alongside an upcoming Andy Warhol retrospective.  I feel quite chuffed.

Album of the week  High Society by The Silver Seas.    
In keeping with the whole Warhol/ Riley sixties vibe I've also been listening to a bit of Dusty.

Groovy baby


  1. Oh I adore Bridget Riley - lucky lucky you!

  2. A brilliant exhibition and so lucky that it was on my doorstep : )