Sunday, 17 October 2010

Life Is A Pigsty

It is busy busy busy at the shop, so much so that we have started to open on a Sunday, yikes.

 Before going to the shop for the afternoon stint I went for a  sunny walk in the forest.  I then had a top autumn moment.  I spied a puddle of pigs sunbathing amongst the fallen leaves and acorns.

one two three aahhh

You can't get much more of a cute moment than that.  I would liked to have got closer but I had mad dog Katy on the lead and thankfully she hadn't twigged that there was a load of PIGS right in front of her. 

I walked by the river and enjoyed some sunny reflective moments

The sun hung around for the rest of the day.  The shop was quiet but a few customers called in to make it worth opening.  I love  this album  and played it quite a bit.

After closing I walked through the park and it looked a bit like this.......

I have no idea what I'm doing with my camera,  I seem to be taking the accidental approach.

You can look at some other accidents over here, if you fancy.


  1. What splendid porkers. I pass a family of 5 or 6 piglets and their enormous sow of a mother every time I venture down the road to take Lily to pre school. We have great fun wondering if we will manage to avoid them as their favorite passtime is to play chicken across the road. They wait for my car to come then peg it dangerously across the road. If I was not a vegetarian I fear they would not be so brave!

  2. Hi Harry, pigs playing chicken, I love that image! Ha ha oink oink
    : )