Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Venus In Furs

I don't know if you've ever tried dressing a model in a fur coat, well I'll just cut to the chase and tell you that it isn't a pretty sight.  Our models can be quite temperamental at the best of times and they don't like to move their arms about very much.  They're annoying if you ask me.  I mannaged to coax them into wearing a couple of our fabulous faux fur coats before the fun really started.....

The shop is quiet when I decide to take some photos of the fur coats.  Then I realise that it's tricky to get awkward arms into thick coats.

The shop is still quiet, outside the street is deserted.  So I try a different plan and move the models outside.  I then start the whole struggle of limbs, coats, joints, jumpers, wigs and torsos.  It isn't a pretty sight, I'm getting sweaty and a teensy bit irritated.

Then as if someone somewhere has blown an imaginary whistle, all the students of Southampton, or so it seems, pour out of all the nearby lecture halls and within a nano second the street is full of people, heading towards me, model balanced in a precarious fashion with an arm here, a leg there.  It has to be said I am flustered.

Needless to say I give up the whole arms in the armholes (sounds rude it isn't) idea and just fling the coats over their shoulders in a well that will have to do stylee.

Above Bar Street quiet

Above Bar Street busy

In between coats I played some of this of course

Enjoy and wrap up warm


  1. Goodness! I think the shots turned out lovely--even if your model was acting up a bit. And I think that we've all learned not to 'mess' with you. Especially if we want to keep our arms attached. :)

  2. Hi holly, those moody models, I don't think I'm paying them enough.
    Don't worry about me, I'm 'armless enough (groan)!