Monday, 25 October 2010

Devil Woman

Halloween is almost upon us and Beatnik is fast becoming the place to buy masks of horror, powder of white, and lots of blood.  It's great that we can sell or hire original clothes for dressing up.  Even though our model had quite a sore arm she thankfully managed to avoid getting any blood on this pretty cream forties dress.

While having a bit of a gaze out of the shop window moment today,  it dawned on me that we have the most amazing view.  Well it didn't exactly dawn on me, I knew it anyway, but  just for a few minutes I soaked it all in and looked on with relish at the autumn chestnut trees doing their autumn chestnutty tree thing,  and what with Bobbie Gentry playing in the background it was all a bit perfect really. 

I will hopefully be far too busy selling all things gruesome to sit and stare at autumn leaves, but I will if I get the chance, I mean who could resist?


  1. I hope your model didn't get her arm hurt while you were trying to put a coat on her!! :) I love Halloween and dressing up and getting a little creeped out by it all. Hope you have a profitable Halloween, but that you still have time to gaze at the leaves.

  2. Thanks Holly, you'll be pleased to hear that no actual models were harmed during the photo shoot! Happy creepy Halloween Mwuhahahahha