Sunday, 6 March 2011

Our Window

Spring is beginning to unfurl.  I know it is because the days are getting longer, there are crocuses dotted about the place and when the sun shines it feels like the taste of things to come.  This week however has been cold, the sort that takes you by surprise and has your coat collar turned firmly up and head bowed into the chilly easterly. Come on Spring do your thing. 

Some views from our window

Cool musician types are immune to the cold

I've got the people watching bug. I would love to be able to take photos as good as this guy

A purple view

Thanks to everyone that took part in the walking past Beatnik photo shoot
you were all


  1. It's funny, just from looking at your photos I get an idea of what those people must be like. Some seem relaxed, others so determined. And that purple sky, amazing!

  2. Anja, I know what you mean, and I was so lucky to see that beautiful sky, it looked so beautiful.