Wednesday, 9 March 2011


The sky is blue, the air feels clear and everything is starting to look shiny and new

My first butterfly of the year.  For more spring excitement pop over to see Holly for a chance to win one of her beautiful flower drawings.

To put a spring in your step (see what I did there) I recommend a healthy dose of

sixties surf tunes

Tiki music

and some sixties bossa nova

for me


  1. Oh I feel it too! Spring is coming! Thanks so much for mentioning my flowers, and for filling my day with lovely photos of Spring. You sure have a keen eye for photos!

    And that photo of the butterfly?? Beautiful.

  2. Thanks Holly, glad you took a peek at the felt creatures, I saw them and thought, oooh Holly! I was so lucky with that butterfly, I need to sort out the blog so I can post my pics BIG x

  3. Love that blue sky! And the butterfly made me smile, cause it reminded me that summer will come eventually. It's been lovely spring weather here this weekend, it's so great to feel the sun again.

  4. Oh I thought I commented on this? Beautiful photographs. Was lovely meeting you the other week, thanks for being so friendly and helpful.
    What camera do you use? I need to get myself a nice decent one.

  5. love it!!!

    come and check out my blog on:

  6. Hi Jennifer Louise, thanks for popping by! I use a coolpix p100, which is just a beginners camera I think, and my trusty iphone. Come by the shop next time you're in Southampton.

  7. Wow photo's look very professional!
    Will deff come by again, and will send you a link when my shopping guide is complete. :)