Thursday, 24 March 2011

beautiful and light

Spring. It's here, it's official.  Tee shirts are bravely worn, toe nails hastily painted, the aroma of summer tantalisingly near.  I'm also getting excited about my vegetable patch but that's another story, well it may be another story if anything grows.

My other sure signs that spring has sprung are as follows.....

1.  Boys sitting about in the park opposite the shop, strumming guitars, having fun in the lazy spring sunshine, while I'm working.

2.  Finding new bits and bobs for the shop always gets easier once spring arrives.

3.  The models can finally be free of their winter window prison ( Wow, I think the spring sunshine is really getting to me)

4.  Shades.  Always a good look.

5.  Katy likes to go tree climbing with Louie and Elle once the weather starts to warm.

6.  Magnolia, primroses, and listening to this song too much



the spring

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  1. Yes, it's officielly spring. How I've waited! I love that magnolia tree against the blue sky. Have a sunny weekend!