Saturday, 3 July 2010

Where's Your Head At

There was once a time when I would wear a head scarf more or less every day. If I wanted to pretty up an outfit I'd wear a head scarf, if I was having a bad hair day a head scarf would be in order, if my fringe was getting a bit long well I'd get it out of my way with the help of yes, a head scarf. Well you get my drift, I like head scarves. It's a sad fact but they don't really suit me anymore. Whichever way I style them I end up looking like an old peasant woman, it's not nice so I tend to steer clear,  but that doesn't stop me loving them still. 
We have a huge selection at Beatnik and they seem to be more popular than ever.                              

Get ahead, get a head scarf.


  1. I'm heartened to hear that you also feel that you can not carry off the head scarf! I myself always think that I look like a bad extra from either Pirates Of The Caribbean or a reject from an Adam & The Ants video x however you can wear your scarf rather jauntily around the neck!

  2. Hello Mrs Garland, thank you for the scarf tip, I shall wear my scarf around my neck with pride!