Saturday, 10 July 2010

Girls & Boys

Julie waited nervously in the shop doorway.  She checked her reflection in the window, not bad. She was wearing her cream eighties dress with gold piping and shoulder pads. Well that would have to do.  She took her phone from her smart shiny sixties handbag and checked the time. He was late.



The morning had been nothing short of a disaster so far for pete. His groovy car had broken down and now he was late. He quickened his pace, adjusted his harrington jacket , and put on his blue sixties shades which he liked to think made him look a bit different to all the other wayfarer wearers out there. There was no sign of the girl outside or inside of the shop. He may have blown it.
He felt sad about missing Julie, she was cute, funny and had told him that she could play the ukulele and sing in harmony. To make himself feel better Pete decided to buy a summer shirt, this shop had a good selection and they were also playing some excellent music.


Pete had been perfectly apologetic and charming, and so Julie had agreed to meet up with him the following day. This time Pete was early, he was wearing his new hawaiian shirt and had a good feeling about the day ahead.  Julie walked towards the shop, she was wearing  an eighties tee shirt with red and white polka dot shorts.  It was lovely to see Pete and he made her laugh straight away,  but she couldn't help noticing that there was something odd about his appearance, she just couldn't place what it was. No matter, the day was already feeling warm, it was the type of weather when everyone complains about it being too hot.
She was feeling bold and told him she wanted to find an ice cream like the one on her tee shirt. He was happy to go along with whatever she wanted.

The End

Ps. Julies right, there is something quite odd about Pete. The thing is whenever I start taking photos of the mannequins the shop gets busy, great for the shop, not so great for my attention to detail. It is obvious isn't it? Any guesses?


  1. I think pete has that unusual imperfection known as two left hands syndrome...a close cousin of the more common two left feet syndrome. Its a credit to him really that he has managed to overcome his difficulties and meet someone so stylish and stunning that is prepared to overlook this...possibly due to his impecable taste in vintage clothing and quirky vintage shopping. Lets just hope that he doesnt make a tit of himself when he tries to eat his icecream later with his dodgy hand.
    Cant wait for next installment!

  2. Yes Harry you are correct, Poor Pete does have Left Hand Syndrome (LHS) I'm impressed that you know so much about this little known condition. I'm hoping to figure out the details of how the date went soon, although they're both being very tight lipped about the whole affair at the moment.

  3. Dodgy hand. :)

    I am suddenly gripped with the desire to visit your shop...

  4. Hi Kirsten, Thanks for dropping by and noticing the, ahem, deliberate mistake.... and of course if you do zip over to this side of the pond, pop by the shop and we'll have a cup of tea, you will be more than welcome :-)