Wednesday, 21 July 2010

I know Where The Summer Goes

It's hot outside and quiet inside the shop. The students have long since returned home clutching their laundry and hangovers and now we're open to our locals, faithfuls and day trippers. So yes it's quieter but there are still lots of jobs to do, like......

Tidy the Trilbys

Sort the Sunglasses

Of course the mannequins always need their outfits changing, they can get quite huffy if you don't get the outfit just right.

An eighties cotton long sleeve teamed with blue/white polka dot shorts-like-a-skirt

A sixties smock top and check cotton trilby

Finally, outfit chosen.  A baby doll dress by Pop Boutique. 

I love this fabric.
 All the window dressing, hat sorting, shades shining, floor sweeping, tea drinking, chin wagging, music playing and day dreaming (a bit) has made the day fly by. See you next time I open.

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  1. I realise don't want Summer to end either...
    I realise i must visit Beatnik soon...